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Bibliology: The Study of the Nature of the Bible As Revelation


The study of Bibliology is not an attempt to make the Bible something it is not, nor is it an attempt by conservative theologians to make the Bible the Word of God. Rather, Bibliology attempts to recognize what the Bible claims for itself. The Bible claims to be the objective Word of God. Whether man understands it or not, whether he recognizes it or not, and whether he applies it to his life or not, it is still the Word of God.

In this 233 slide powerpoint presentation, we cover the following aspects of Bibliology: Revelation, Inspiration, Canonicity, Textual Criticism, Translation, Interpretation, Illumination, Application, and Communication. Other aspects of the presentation include methods for biblical interpretation, a breakdown and comparison of several current biblical translations.

This presentation will be a benefit to any disciple of Jesus regardless of the length of their salvific walk. It is perfect for small group studies, Bible Studies, or even personal study.

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