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Discipleship 101


The Holy Scriptures teach that the ultimate goal of all of God's creation is to display His glory.  Discipleship 101 examines "5" key, foundational areas in which the disciple displays the glory of God.  This presentation is fully developed and available to assist Pastors in teaching the foundational elements of discipleship.  It is also useful for any person desiring to be developed as a disciple through personal study.

Session 1: "Salvation" - describes how we are saved to bring God glory.  Through accepting the salvific work of Christ on the cross, the Christian is saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. (Eph 2:8)

Session 2: "Spiritual Growth" - once the Christian is saved they began the process of spiritual growth.  This session describes the developmental process each disciple experiences. (2 Peter 3:18)

Session 3: "Serving" - Christians are not saved "by" works; however, we are saved "to" work.  This session examines how we can serve the body of Christ by understanding how spiritual gifts help us to fulfill our purpose, function, and assignment in the Kingdom. (Eph 2:10)

Session 4: Suffering" - any disciple-making strategy that merely adds Jesus to already busy lives is doomed for failure.  Following Jesus will always ultimately lead to the cross.  This session examines how God receives glory even through our suffering. (Luke 9:23)

Session 5: "Bearing Much Fruit" - God's ultimate plan for our lives is to bring glory to His name as a disciple/follower of Jesus Christ.  The fundamental proof of this is "bearing fruit" or disciple making.  This session examines the "fruit" which should be produced in the life of the disciple. (John 15:8)


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