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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does the $50 registration fee cover?

A: The $50 registration fee enrolls each person (or married couple) as a student in the course.  Within 24hrs each student will receive a welcome letter with instructions on how to prepare for the upcoming course.  The registration also covers the costs of all course materials.  At the conclusion of the course, each registered student will receive a CD/DVD which includes all the course material (video lectures, Powerpoint presentation, handouts, etc).  This will be theirs to keep with the intent that it will be used to aid the student in one day teaching their own course.  Discipleship is accomplished when each student is capable of reproducing the information they received.

Q: What time does each class start and how long are they?

A: Classes will begin promptly at 5:15pm PST (8:15pm EST).  This time is necessary to accomodate students on the east and west coast who are enrolled in the class.  Classes are between 60-90 min each (90 min maximum). 

Q: Is the class only accessible online?

A: Students who are near in proximity to Lakewood, WA are invited to attend the classes held LIVE at the Greater Life Church, 8222 Washington Blvd. SW, Lakewood, WA 98498.  

Q: How exactly do I attend class online?

A: Greater Works Discipleship Academy presents classes online using WizIQ - an award winning educational platform.  By downloading the FREE WizIQ app (available on Apple/Android devices), students are able to access all LIVE classes and simultaneously view the instructor and the course material all through their mobile phone, tablet, or computer.  Students can communicate with the instructor and other students either audibly or through messaging.  

WizIQ was voted the top-rated Learning Management System by Trust Radius and GetRank in 2016. WizIQ also received the Bronze award for Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology by the Brandon Hall Group in 2015.   

Q: What happens if I miss a LIVE class or part of one?

A: All classes are automatically uploaded into WizIQ and available to view almost immediately after the class has ended.  Students have the option to view or download any previously held class at their own convenience.  Classes cannot be permanently downloaded on a mobile device or tablet, but can be permanently downloaded via a computer.  

Q: Can I receive college credit for taking a class with Greater Works?

A: Greater Works Discipleship Academy is an unaccredited class "at this time."  The vision is in its infant stage; however, we are working towards becoming fully accredited.  Although not accredited, students will receive the same rich, in-depth, seminary-level education given at accredited universities, and at a mere fraction of the cost.  Our goal is not to make profits...but disciples!

Q: What does the workload consist of for this class?  Are there research papers involved?

A: The workload will be different for each class.  Students are given a course schedule and syllabus prior to Week 1.  Research paper(s) may be involved as they are an invaluable tool that informs the instructor of the students growth and comprehension of the material being taught.  Furthermore, they build the confidence of the student as they practice regurgitating the information they have received.  Greater Works values your time and work/family schedules and will not penalize any student who cannot complete an assignment. Communicating your availability (or lack thereof) to the instructor is all that is requested.   

Greater Works Discipleship Academy Registration

Thank you for investing in the Greater Works Discipleship Academy. You will receive a detailed e-mail with instructions for the class within 24hrs. If you have any questions, please contact me directly at 912-492-9992.
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Benefits of Online Discipleship with the 

Greater Works Discipleship Academy

  1. Provides an opportunity and avenue for students to invest in their own spiritual growth & maturity.
  2. Class is fully accessible by phone, tablet, or computer through the FREE "WizIQ" app.
  3. You receive seminary-level instruction at an affordable price.
  4. Classes are recorded and can be downloaded and replayed through WizIQ at any time.
  5. You can talk to the instructor and ask questions all through the WizIQ app.  
  6. Access to a teacher who is competent, caring, and invested in your success.
  7. All registered students will receive a CD/DVD upon course completion which will include all recorded video lectures, Powerpoints, charts, and any other course material.  This facilitates discipleship, where the student reproduces the material and teaches it to others.